As Imagery Market Comes into Sharper Relief, DigitalGlobe Looks at Moving up GeoEye-2 Launch
DigitalGlobe Raising GeoEye-1’s Orbit To Keep up with Commercial Imagery Demand
GeoEye-2 Entry Shakes Up U.A.E. Satellite Competition
DigitalGlobe Closes GeoEye Acquisition
Justice Department Approves DigitalGlobe-GeoEye Merger
Shareholders Approve DigitalGlobe-GeoEye Merger

GeoEye Ups Partnership for Imagery of Japan’s Territory


Imaging satellite operator GeoEye of Herndon, Va., will provide an unspecified Japanese government ministry with high-resolution imagery of the island nation under a partnership arrangement with Japan Space Imaging Corp.

Civil Commercial GeoEyeJapan
DigitalGlobe Expects GeoEye Merger To Add $400M in Sales

Astrium Services Girds for Competition with DigitalGlobe-GeoEye Combo


TOULOUSE, France — Astrium Services is counting on two Earth observation satellites in final assembly here to give it sufficient firepower in 2013 to do battle with the merged assets of U.S. satellite Earth imagery providers DigitalGlobe and GeoEye.

AstriumDigitalGlobeGeoEyeMilitary Space
GeoEye Expects Near-term Resolution on EnhancedView Cuts
DigitalGlobe: Merger with GeoEye To Save $1.5 Billion

GeoEye To Merge with DigitalGlobe


PARIS — The two principal providers of commercial Earth observation satellite imagery to the U.S. government have agreed to merge in a deal that makes DigitalGlobe the buyer and GeoEye – which had tried to buy DigitalGlobe two months ago – the target, the two companies announced July 23.

Commercial DigitalGlobeGeoEyeMilitary Space
GeoEye Chief Insists Company Has Funds To Finish and Launch Next Satellite
NGA Letters Cast Cloud Over GeoEye’s EnhancedView Funding
Next GeoEye Satellite Could Fly Lower for Improved Resolution

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