ULA and its launch industry competitors in pitched fight over regulations
Op-Ed | Commercial space activities offer boundless opportunities
FAA extends comment period on commercial launch regulations
Aireon activates service, begins flight-tracking trials
Virgin Galactic pilots join an exclusive club with FAA astronaut wings
Shutdown’s toll mounts for NASA and companies
Virgin Galactic flight wins praise from government and industry
Industry concerned about fast pace of commercial launch regulatory reform
Commercial launch industry seeks updates on regulatory reform work
Congress includes space provisions in FAA bill as industry seeks action on other regulatory issues
Virgin Orbit wins FAA license for first LauncherOne mission
Hearing raises questions about pace of commercial launch regulatory overhaul
Cruz still studying what agency should oversee non-traditional commercial space missions
Senate bill increases funding for FAA commercial space office but seeks regulatory reform
Aireon partner invests $69 million in space-based aircraft tracking system
FAA reauthorization bill boosts commercial space office

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