Congress asks for more transparency into New Shepard failure investigation
FAA and NTSB reach new agreement on commercial space investigations
House appropriators reduce proposed budget for FAA commercial space office
FAA environmental review to allow Starship orbital launches after changes
Op-ed | FAA Overregulation Threatens America’s Future in Commercial Space
FAA and NTSB discussing roles in commercial spaceflight investigations
House committee leaders ask White House to withdraw proposed NTSB regulations on commercial launch investigations
FAA again delays completion of Starship environmental review
Omnibus bill cuts funding for future weather satellites
FAA delays completion of Starship environmental review
FAA issues license for Georgia spaceport
FAA to end commercial astronaut wings program
Musk predicts first Starship orbital launch in early 2022
Spaceports address environmental impact concerns
FAA reviewing Blue Origin safety allegations
FAA clears Virgin Galactic to resume SpaceShipTwo flights
FAA releases draft environmental report on SpaceX Starship orbital launches
FAA grounds SpaceShipTwo after problem on July flight
Blue Origin to perform first New Shepard launch under updated license
SpaceX surges Starship work despite FAA environmental review uncertainty

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