Ex-Im Bank finances SpaceX launch deal
Ex-Im reviewing nearly $2 billion in applications for space industry projects
Ex-Im Bank to step up support for space industry challenged by Chinese competitors
Ex-Im Bank gets seven-year extension
Kacific, with SpaceX launch imminent, borrows $160 million for satellite refinancing
Satellite industry shifts away from export credit financing
UK Export Finance steps up space sector focus
House proposes Ex-Im Bank extension to 2026 • GomSpace conducts more layoffs • Inmarsat wins potential $246 million DoD contract
Ex-Im Bank advocates push for 10-year authorizations
Senate prepares to vote on Ex-Im board nominees
Falcon 9 launch the final leg of Indonesian satellite’s roundabout journey
White House resubmits NOAA, Ex-Im Bank nominations
Ex-Im Bank nominee fairs well in Senate hearing
Senators still unconvinced Trump’s Ex-Im pick has the bank’s best interest in mind
White House nominates additional directors for Ex-Im Bank
U.S. Trade Representative nominee waiting for White House instructions on Ex-Im Bank
Satellite builders unsure what Trump will mean for their business
Boeing expects market for big communications satellites to remain soft
Kacific overcomes Ex-Im setback by teaming with JSAT on Boeing condosat order
Ex-Im Bank included on White House budget hit list

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