House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST
Culberson optimistic about 2019 spending bill and Europa mission funding
Space Force, Europa missions face scrutiny as Democrats take over House
Europa or Enceladus? If NASA switches from SLS to Falcon Heavy, it won’t have to choose
Committee praises NASA’s planetary science program but raises some concerns
House bill keeps Europa Clipper on track despite launch vehicle uncertainties
NASA may extend space station missions to address potential commercial crew delays
Europa lander concept redesigned to lower cost and complexity
NASA budget proposal continues debate on when and how to launch Europa Clipper
NASA studying less expensive options for Europa lander mission
JPL moves ahead with Mars and Europa missions despite funding uncertainty
NASA preparing to solicit proposals for Europa lander mission despite uncertain funding
Scientists want NASA and ESA to work together on a Europa lander mission
“Ocean Worlds” discoveries build case for new missions
Europa lander work continues despite budget uncertainty

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