Euroconsult anticipates growing demand for last-mile logistics
D-Orbit charts ambitious course for space logistics business
Euroconsult: Pandemic does little to slow smallsat sector
Euroconsult: Record number of smallsats launched in 2020
HTS supply climbing high • Astrocast gains investor • NanoAvionics expanding in U.S.
Op-ed | SpaceX’s adaptation to market changes
Inexpensive flat-panel antennas will be a “game-changer”
Smallsat market forecast to exceed $30 billion in coming decade

News from Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week


The elephant in the room at many space conferences, the subject everyone acknowledges but no one touches, is of course the money — whence it comes, where it goes. Not so at Euroconsult’s annual World Satellite Business Week in Paris, this year set for Sept. 14-18. It’s all about the money. “Don’t ask me about financing, I’m an engineer,” doesn’t play well here, although we’re nonetheless likely to hear a bit of that.

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