Poll shows more public support for NASA science programs than human exploration
Bridenstine offers senators reassurances on NASA programs
Bridenstine optimistic WFIRST will avoid cancellation
A changing Earth science decadal for a changing Earth
NASA prepares to buy Earth science data from small satellite constellations
Earth science decadal report recommends mix of large and small missions
What happened to the 2007 Earth science decadal survey missions?
NASA planning to purchase Earth science data from commercial smallsat systems
Earth science decadal report release now planned for January
GRACE mission comes to an end
NASA prepares to retire GRACE Earth science satellites
Senate restores funding for NASA Earth science and satellite servicing programs
NASA downplaying Earth science cuts while hoping for reversal
NASA examines effects of 2017 spending bill on science programs
Scientists worried cuts to NASA’s Earth science programs could create climate data gap
White House budget proposal targets ARM, Earth science missions, education
NASA ready to proceed with small satellite Earth science data buys
NASA Earth science director expects short-term budget stability
Earth scientists are freaking out. NASA urges calm.
NASA ends efforts to repair space station Earth science instrument

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