In call with troops, Trump basks in Space Force achievement
Trump ousts defense secretary Mark Esper
Trump directs U.S. government agencies to protect critical infrastructure that relies on GPS
U.S. early warning satellites helped avert casualties from Iran’s missile attack
Top secret Twitter: How trolling Iran with classified satellite imagery could backfire on the U.S.
NASA announces Orion achievement on Apollo 11 anniversary
Trump signs Space Force policy directive, now comes the heavy lifting
Trump unveils Missile Defense Review, promises funding for space sensors in 2020
Trump praises commercial space at Cabinet meeting
SpaceX wins accolades for Falcon Heavy success
Foust Forward | Third time’s the charm to return man to the moon?
Op-ed | A new direction in space policy
Trump formally establishes lunar landing goal, but without details
President Trump to sign space directive Monday
Buzz Aldrin and Greg Autry: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run NASA

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