Advisory panel to examine DoD’s demand for commercial space systems
Pentagon report: China’s space strategy shaped by technological change
Civilian space traffic management office coming along, but ‘don’t expect magic’
Russia escalates rhetoric on commercial satellites, calls them ‘legitimate targets for retaliation’
U.S. national defense strategy calls for ‘resilient, redundant’ space networks
Pentagon: It’s up to SpaceX to decide what to do about Starlink in Ukraine
Satellite broadband players poised to compete for U.S. military customers
DoD eyeing options to provide satcom in Ukraine as it continues talks with SpaceX
Report: Ligado’s wireless network will interfere with Iridium and some GPS services
GAO: Defense, intelligence agencies need a better plan to buy commercial satellite imagery
DoD updates space policy, formally adopts ‘tenets of responsible behavior’
Op-ed | DoD falling short on responsive space capabilities
Op-ed | Why a ‘hybrid’ space architecture makes sense for economic and national security
Satellite companies watching where DoD goes with 5G
Op-ed | A comprehensive triad for space resilience – more than just numbers
DoD a main proponent of anti-satellite test ban: ‘We are not disarming’
Op-ed | Space entrepreneurs need straight answers from DoD
COMSPOC executive to join DoD space policy office
Deputy secretary Hicks: DoD is searching for better ways to work with startups
On National Security | DoD’s internet-in-space a win for commercial space

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