Bluestaq gets new investor to fund growth in defense and space data management
Report: Nuclear propulsion would help military satellites maneuver out of harm’s way
DoD space policy nominee highlights complex security challenges facing U.S.
Blue Origin joins U.S. military ‘rocket cargo’ program
Changes ahead for Space Force procurement organizations
Biden administration turns focus to space security
Hyten blasts ‘unbelievably’ slow DoD bureaucracy as China advances space weapons
DoD trying to keep China from accessing critical U.S. space technology
Satcom executives see growing military demand for more secure, mobile equipment
DoD a challenging customer for fast-moving satellite broadband industry
DoD to extend intelligence agency program that helps track wildfires
HASC chairman wants updated DoD plan for ‘tactically responsive space launch’
More work needed on space stability and security
Op-ed | Pentagon finally embracing the idea of buying ‘good enough’ space solutions
Biden taps Aerospace Corp.’s John Plumb to run DoD space policy
DoD calls for broader dialogue on space rules of behavior
DIU director Michael Brown withdraws as Pentagon acquisition nominee
New study calls for ‘national dialogue’ on future environmental satellites
DoD agencies to invest more than $1 billion in low-Earth orbit space technologies
After Chinese rocket reentry, DoD calls for countries to ‘behave responsibly’

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