Report: U.S. military space programs at risk of losing domestic sources of key components
Omnibus spending bill gives Space Force its first separate budget
Survey: Despite interest in commercial satcom, U.S. military favors legacy systems
Trump administration’s national space policy formalizes Space Force role
Biden nominates retired general Austin to be the first African-American to run the Pentagon
Biden transition meetings scheduled this week with DoD intelligence agencies
Commerce Department drafting space traffic management concepts as it awaits funding
Trump ousts defense secretary Mark Esper
Pentagon creates new office to oversee military space policy
On National Security | How the military buys satellites may have reached a turning point
Pentagon has not shown COVID stimulus helps small businesses, says HASC chairman
U.S. Transportation Command to study use of SpaceX rockets to move cargo around the world
Military commanders could use more satellites for tactical surveillance
Pentagon report: China amassing arsenal of anti-satellite weapons
As he welcomes new space commander, Esper warns of threats to U.S. satellites

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