Satellite companies watching where DoD goes with 5G
Op-ed | A comprehensive triad for space resilience – more than just numbers
DoD a main proponent of anti-satellite test ban: ‘We are not disarming’
Op-ed | Space entrepreneurs need straight answers from DoD
COMSPOC executive to join DoD space policy office
Deputy secretary Hicks: DoD is searching for better ways to work with startups
On National Security | DoD’s internet-in-space a win for commercial space
DoD decommissions two missile-tracking satellites after 12 years in orbit
Space programs moving up on DoD’s budget priority list
DoD wants ‘resilient’ space systems, but how to get there is still unclear
U.S. and allies to strengthen cooperation in space
GAO: DoD has to step up efforts in space, cyber and artificial intelligence to compete with China
Pentagon to rein in defense and aerospace industry mergers
Office of Space Commerce rolls out prototype space catalog for traffic management
DoD and satcom industry to work out details of how to build ‘zero trust’ networks
DoD weapons testers to assess cybersecurity of GPS satellites, ground system and user equipment
Bluestaq gets new investor to fund growth in defense and space data management
Report: Nuclear propulsion would help military satellites maneuver out of harm’s way
DoD space policy nominee highlights complex security challenges facing U.S.
Blue Origin joins U.S. military ‘rocket cargo’ program

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