DoD withdraws Defense Production Act small launch contract awards
Undersecretary of Defense Mike Griffin and deputy Lisa Porter stepping down
DoD official: Many factors considered in Defense Production Act contracts
Six small launch companies to receive DoD contracts under Defense Production Act
DoD space strategy highlights role of private sector
Pentagon issues new strategy to defend U.S. dominance in space
Bipartisan group of senators wants to hear the FCC’s side of the Ligado story
FCC stands by Ligado decision as lawmakers step up criticism
Pentagon presses on with campaign to overturn FCC’s Ligado order
Hundreds of hackers sign up for chance to break into a DoD satellite
Op-ed | What the government should or should not do to help space industry
DoD says it was blindsided by FCC Ligado decision, will petition to have it reversed
Space agencies working on a ‘unified message’ on industry stimulus
Venture capital slowdown a concern for military space programs, analysts warn
Pentagon identifies small launch industry as one of the most impacted by pandemic
FCC’s approval of Ligado 5G network draws criticism from DoD, praise from State Dept. 

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