Space Force delays selection of weather satellites
A race against time to replace aging military weather satellites
Op-ed | Arming warfighters with advanced weather systems: What must happen next
Air Force to bolster weather capabilities with small satellites and sensors
DoD meteorological satellite mission to end
Another U.S. Air Force weather satellite just broke up in orbit
U.S. Air Force’s long-term weather strategy relies heavily on allies
U.S. Air Force blames power failure for loss of DMSP-F19 weather satellite
DoD could ask Congress to launch DMSP-20 … again
U.S. Air Force keeping an eye on DMSP-17’s sea ice sensor
DMSP-19 weather satellite dead after Air Force ends recovery effort
Air Force says DMSP-19 weather satellite is “about dead”
With DMSP-19 sidelined by glitch, Air Force orders stay of execution for its twin
Rogers: U.S. Air Force Wasted $518 Million on Weather Satellite
Report Adds to Confusion Over U.S. Air Force Weather Plans
Defense Authorization Bill Fences Off DMSP Funding
7 More USAF Weather Satellites at Risk of Explosion
White House seeks 2015 Funds To Launch DMSP-20
Senate Spending Bill Echoes House Call To Shelve DMSP-F20
DMSP-F13 Debris To Stay On Orbit for Decades

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