‘State of the space industrial base’ report calls for national plan to compete with China
Commercial geospatial technologies that detect GPS disruptions to be tested in military exercises
DoD signaling demand for satellite support services in geostationary orbit
Defense Innovation Unit selects contractors to build hybrid space network
DIU selects nuclear-powered spacecraft designs for 2027 demonstrations
Space Force looking at what it will take to refuel satellites in orbit
Defense Innovation Unit taps Lyten to develop high-performance batteries for small satellites
U.S. Defense Innovation Unit selects Maxar to produce robotic arms for on-orbit servicing
New report calls for U.S. strategy to boost space economy
DoD seeks ideas for connecting government and commercial satellites
DoD looking for commercially available nuclear propulsion for small spacecraft
Astra to make next orbital launch attempt in late August for the Space Force
DIU director Michael Brown withdraws as Pentagon acquisition nominee
Defense Innovation Unit selects ABL Space to launch DoD mission
Technology race against China a key concern for Pentagon acquisition nominee
Relativity Space wins U.S. military contract for 2023 launch
DoD grapples with how to bring in new space technology to military systems
U.S. military eyes a role in the great power competition for lunar resources
Report proposes actions to strengthen U.S. space industry and military capabilities
Three companies studying “Orbital Outpost” space station concepts for Defense Department

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