On National Security | DoD’s buying habits a continuing source of frustration
Military buyers challenged to stay up on the latest commercial space innovations
Deputy secretary Hicks: DoD is searching for better ways to work with startups
DoD wants to change how it buys space technology – but can it?
Space Force wants to create a more welcoming environment for private industry
U.S. military looking to build lasting relationships with commercial space industry
Changes ahead for Space Force procurement organizations
On National Security | In the new space era, a changing role for the U.S. government
Space Force warned to avoid past mistakes as it pursues new satellite acquisitions
Study calls on U.S. to change how it buys space technology, reduce congestion in low orbits
On National Security | Space acquisition reform awaits Biden’s Pentagon team
Raymond: Space Force has a plan to unify acquisition agencies
On National Security | How the military buys satellites may have reached a turning point
Space Force proposes ‘alternative acquisition system’ with less red tape
On National Security | New blood wants a real chance to challenge DoD’s big space primes
Not everyone on Capitol Hill disapproves of the Air Force launch strategy
Air Force leaders tout progress in space procurement reforms
Air Force turns to nontraditional contracting for space technology projects
Mike Griffin’s tough talk to Pentagon contractors: Be a team player, look at your own red tape
SN Military.Space | Space reforms near decision point • SMC Commander: Procurement slow but not broken • Mattis downplays impact of Trump trade wars

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