Astra finalizes plans for first Florida launch
Xplore to fly sensors on OrbAstro nanosatellites
Kleos reveals results of RF reconnaissance demonstration
Orbital Micro Systems and Thomas Keating forge weather data pact
Thinking outside the box: Aerospace Corp.’s thin DiskSats
Exponential growth of cubesats may be tapering off
Lunar cubesats head to the launch pad
D-Orbit unveils third mission for ION Satellite Carrier
On National Security | Army not being shy about its need for satellites
University of Illinois taps Blue Canyon for scientific cubesat mission
SpaceX bid on launch of NASA cubesat mission
Toast-shaped ThinSats attract educational and government customers
NASA Astrophysics Division embraces cubesats and smallsats
Aerospace Corp. seeks to license laser communications
German cubesats to showcase formation flight technology
NanoAvionics triples revenue and expands product line
ExoTerra quadruples production capacity to meet government, commercial demand
Lockheed Martin teams with USC and Momentus on cubesat program
Exolaunch and NanoAvionics sign contracts for SpaceX flights
D-Orbit preps for in-orbit transportation business with upcoming Arianespace and SpaceX launches

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