Are small satellites the solution for space weather monitoring?
MarCO success vindicates use of cubesats on deep space missions
Is ISIS Space the new space unicorn? Probably not. But you’ve got to like their odds.
Astranis to fund launch of student-built satellite
Kepler, Phasor test flat panel antenna with LEO cubesat
French IoT company plans $139 million smallsat constellation
Laser “license plate” could improve identification of cubesats
More startups are pursuing cubesats with electric thrusters
Largest cubesat operators say 25-year deorbit guideline a priority
Astrocast adds $1.1 million to seed round
NASA launching up to 72 smallsats with Spaceflight for $5.5 million
Iridium teams up with LEO Internet of Things startup Magnitude Space
Cubesat voice-comms test paves way for Sky and Space Global’s 200-satellite constellation
Cubesat reliability a growing issue as industry matures
British startup offers low-cost cubesat services
Cygnus cargo spacecraft reentered Sunday, completing two-month mission
With cash infusion, Capella prepares its first SAR cubesat
India sets record with launch of 104 satellites on a single rocket
Industry remains optimistic about continued growth of cubesats
Report endorses greater use of cubesats for science missions

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