NASA expects vaccination mandates to have little impact on Artemis 1 preparations
Omnibus spending bill gives Space Force its first separate budget
Virgin Galactic delays SpaceShipTwo test flight because of pandemic
Pentagon has not shown COVID stimulus helps small businesses, says HASC chairman
Speedcast seeks $395 million exit from bankruptcy 
Peace of the Worlds
Coronavirus adds to ViaSat-3 launch delay
Senate pandemic relief bill offers $1.5 billion for NASA
Global Eagle files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
NASA still grappling with effects of coronavirus pandemic
European Commission agrees to reduced space budget
Op-ed | Is the future of space ops officeless?
Foust Forward | How will the pandemic change NASA?
South Korean defense company Hanwha Systems buys Phasor out of bankruptcy 
Asia-Pacific satellite operators still assessing pandemic’s market impacts
Viasat laid off 300 amid steep drop in air travel 
RSCC planning four satellites to cover Russia’s Far North
Op-ed | COVID-19’s lesson for nuclear detonation warning
Forgivable loans in an unforgiving environment
Op-ed | An unexpected effect: the industry’s recent challenges prove the importance of space

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