Satellite imaging companies look for growth in data analytics
As DoD shifts to smaller satellites, rideshare questions emerge
Op-ed | NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate is More Important Now Than Ever
House Appropriations Committee warns of cost pressures in Space Force programs
House appropriators approve funding increase for DoD, support space programs
Lawmakers seek another big increase for DoD ‘responsive launch’
Industry pushes for NASA reauthorization
Space Force sees room for more competitors in national security launch
Space programs moving up on DoD’s budget priority list
Omnibus spending bill includes $24 billion for NASA for 2022
Pentagon warns hundreds of programs in limbo until Congress passes full-year budget
U.S. Air Force Secretary Kendall: Short-term funding an ‘unfortunate’ reality for defense programs
Revised budget reconciliation package reduces NASA infrastructure funds
Op-Ed | It’s Time to Rescind the Moratorium on Regulation of Commercial Spaceflight
Nelson remains confident regarding funding for Artemis
Op-ed | GPS Offers Lessons for the Infrastructure of Tomorrow
Lamborn: The fight to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado is not over
Air Force defends choice of Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal to host U.S. Space Command
Space Force warned to avoid past mistakes as it pursues new satellite acquisitions
Defense appropriators ‘disappointed’ with management of Space Force acquisitions

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