NOAA seeks input on new satellite sensors and digital twin
Acme plans 250-satellite weather data constellation
NOAA seeks to “kick the tires” on new instruments, mission concepts
Fresh $18.7 million funding round puts PlanetiQ weather constellation back on track
A clearer outlook for NOAA weather satellite programs
NOAA seeks proposals for second round of commercial weather data pilot
AMS meeting investigates roles for commercial and small satellites in weather forecasting
NOAA reschedules next round of commercial weather data program to 2018
President signs commercial satellite weather bill
Smallsats provide opportunities and challenges for weather data
Two companies win first NOAA commercial weather contracts
GAO remains concerned about potential polar satellite weather data gap
Chris McCormick on PlanetiQ’s launch plans, NOAA’s commercial weather pilot
DoD commercial weather pilot program included in draft defense bill
NOAA issues timeline for commercial weather data pilot
NOAA administrator skeptical about commercial weather data
Op-Ed | U.S. Air Force takes positive step with Space Based Environmental Monitoring RFI
U.S. Air Force taking closer look at buying commercial weather data
PlanetiQ Selects India’s PSLV To Launch its First Satellites
NOAA To Trickle Out Commercial Weather Standards

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