House appropriators reduce proposed budget for FAA commercial space office
South Korea’s Innospace schedules December test launch carrying Brazilian military payload
House committee leaders ask White House to withdraw proposed NTSB regulations on commercial launch investigations
Launch companies optimistic about future demand
Air Force to further study use of commercial rockets to deliver cargo around the world
FCC proposes to allocate spectrum for commercial launches
Op-ed | Don’t call it a bubble, more investment in space launch is a good thing
FAA publishes streamlined commercial launch regulations
DARPA has no plans for another space launch prize competition
Commercial launch industry off to slow start in 2020
FAA commercial space office completes reorganization
Aviation and launch industries seek common ground on airspace improvements
Air Force looking for ideas on how to turn launch ranges into ‘national spaceports’
FAA expects revised launch regulations to be completed next fall
Senate appropriators weigh in on commercial launch regulatory reform
Arianespace reveals manifest, notes launch market variety
FAA to extend comment period again for revised launch licensing rules
Op-Ed | Commercial space activities offer boundless opportunities
Industry seeks more time to review revised commercial launch regulations
Independent body proposed to ensure commercial spaceflight safety

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