Commerce and Defense Departments sign agreement on space traffic management cooperation
DalBello to lead Office of Space Commerce
Former Commerce official Kevin O’Connell joins board of advisors of startup Kayhan Space
Op-ed | NOAA is stalling U.S. space traffic management
U.S. Space Command chief makes case for civilian space traffic control
Commerce Department drafting space traffic management concepts as it awaits funding
Report endorses giving Commerce Department responsibility for space traffic management
Commerce Department hopes study will free up funding for space traffic management work
Remote sensing industry welcomes revamped regulations
Commerce Department releases streamlined commercial remote sensing regulations
Spending bill highlights ongoing debate on Commerce Department’s role in space traffic management
U.S. Air Force to begin transferring space situational awareness data to Commerce Department
Commerce Department seeks to increase American space industry’s global competitiveness
Commerce Dept. sends White House 13 space-focused spectrum recommendations
Commerce Department seeks to encourage more space industry investment
U.S. Air Force releasing more data on orbits of military satellites
NASA, Defense Department support giving space traffic management role to Commerce
Commerce Department moves ahead with space regulatory reforms
Cruz still studying what agency should oversee non-traditional commercial space missions
Foust Forward | For commercial space, fewer-stop, not one-stop, shopping

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