Arianespace launches Eutelsat, ISRO satellites on first 2020 mission
Space agency leaders discuss ever-expanding roles for AI
Decommissioned Earth science satellite to remain in orbit for centuries
FIRST UP Satcom | Argos constellation completed • S7 Group wants reusable launcher • GetSAT releases new antenna
FIRST UP Satcom | Telesat tests Newtec modem with LEO satellite; Satellite IRG changes name; Maxar in home stretch on US domestication
CNES seeks 80 to 100 million Euros for CosmiCapital venture fund
French space agency pledges 10-million-euro boost to French Guiana economy
CNES creating a space startup fund
Fleet details 100 nanosat constellation for Internet of Things connectivity
ESA kickstarts Prometheus reusable engine with first funding tranche
French Guiana accord sets stage for Arianespace to resume launches
Le Gall confident French Guiana launches will resume “in the coming days”
France’s Prometheus reusable engine becomes ESA project, gets funding boost
CNES supplying cameras to Indian X Prize team, talks reusability with ISRO
European Commission OK’s Airbus Safran Launchers takeover of Arianespace
France’s CNES backs space station, hedges bets on reusable rockets

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