China is developing plans for a 13,000-satellite megaconstellation
China successfully launches new Long March 7A on second attempt
China launches trio of Yaogan-31 ocean reconnaissance satellites
China moves to next stage of super heavy rocket development
China’s CASC targets more than 40 space launches in 2021
China rolls out Long March 8 rocket for weekend test flight
Remote sensing satellite firm completes huge funding round as Chinese space sector activity accelerates
China pushes ahead with super-heavy-lift Long March 9
China sets targets for smart, recoverable and reusable launch vehicles
China launches latest trio of Yaogan-30 remote sensing satellites
China launches Gaofen-13 observation satellite towards geostationary orbit
Secretive Chinese launch sends two remote sensing satellites into orbit
China launches Ziyuan Earth observation and lobster eye X-ray astronomy satellites
China launches Shiyan-6 and Gaofen remote sensing satellites with two launches in three days
China launches final satellite to complete Beidou system, booster falls downrange

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