Starlink’s busy launch schedule is workable, says 45th Space Wing
45th Space Wing prepares for first launch under the U.S. Space Force
45th Space Wing commander: Changes underway to support commercial launch
Cape Canaveral preparing for key military launches
Firefly to establish factory and launch site in Florida
Relativity to build launch site at Cape Canaveral
45th Space Wing gears up for surge in launch activity
Falcon 9 launch to wait until after Atlas 5 mission
New and improved Florida pad ready to resume Falcon 9 launches
Kennedy Space Center remains closed after hurricane
Cape Canaveral facilities prepare for Hurricane Irma
Britain wants to remain with Copernicus after Brexit
SpaceX hopes to resume launches from Cape Canaveral launch pad later this summer
Weather looking favorable for Thursday SpaceX Falcon 9 launch
SpaceX spy launch scrubbed Sunday, rescheduled for Monday
Static firing of SpaceX reused Falcon Monday clears way for launch Thursday

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