Space programs moving up on DoD’s budget priority list
Federal budget stalemate having ‘ripple effects’ on national security space missions
Lawmakers question Space Force technology investments
Congressional Democrats urge Biden to cut defense spending
Space Force’s 2021 budget plan is heavy on satellites and launch
Bipartisan spending deal cuts funding for Space Force by $32 million
Op-ed | Global government space budgets continues multiyear rebound
Big cut proposed for NOAA satellite division
Looming budget crunch puts DoD space strategy in jeopardy
Total cost of a Space Force is hard to pin down
Some fresh tidbits on the U.S. military space budget
Air Force is spending more on space, but modernization path still a big question
Op-ed | The business ROI on NASA research investments
SN Military.Space | DoD space budget: Billions for next-gen satellites, launch vehicles; New funding lines for ‘rapid acquisitions’
Pentagon space budget shaped by threats from Russia, China
SN Military.Space | Vice Chief Selva: With no budget ‘We’re gambling’ – Why it’s hard to defend space – Space industry adapts to changing market
Mattis sees need for new space programs
Senate follows House lead in criticizing NASA budget cuts
House spending bill would boost NASA funding
Lawmakers show little agreement on the defense budget

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