Nelson satisfied with NASA authorization act
NASA administrator tests positive for COVID
ESA and NASA to cooperate on Earth science and lunar mission
NASA expects decisions on ISS crew swaps by June
Roscosmos head again questions future of ISS while NASA emphasizes cooperation
New NASA chief scientist to focus on climate change
Falcon 9 launches DART
Nelson and Rogozin talk about ASAT test
NASA delays human lunar landing to at least 2025
Harris says National Space Council will develop “comprehensive framework” for space priorities
Nelson remains confident regarding funding for Artemis
NASA splits human spaceflight directorate into two organizations
Moran: two shots to increase NASA funding this year
Nelson: Blue Origin lawsuit adds further delays to Artemis
Blue Origin suit stops work on NASA HLS contract with SpaceX
Nelson remains hopeful Congress will provide additional lunar lander funding
Nelson says Artemis plans pending decision on GAO protest
Nelson to speak with Rogozin on the future of the ISS
Nelson uses Chinese Mars landing as a warning to Congress
NASA seeking more than $10 billion in infrastructure bill

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