Bigelow Aerospace transfers BEAM space station module to NASA
Bigelow Aerospace lays off entire workforce
Bigelow Aerospace sets sights on free-flying station after passing on ISS commercial module
NASA planning to keep BEAM module on ISS for the long haul
Companies express varying interest in NASA’s ISS commercialization plan
Taco Bell Space Station? It’s possible, panelists say
Bigelow Aerospace establishes space operations company to look at commercial space station market
Bigelow and ULA announce plans for lunar orbiting facility
NASA plans to extend expandable module’s stay on space station
Cruz interested in updating Outer Space Treaty to support commercial space activities
Bigelow Aerospace seeking additional use of experimental ISS module
Bigelow calls on Trump to sharply increase NASA spending
NASA to move ahead with plans to offer ISS docking port for private modules
NASA seeking ideas for use of space station docking port
BEAM module fully expanded on space station
NASA to make second attempt to deploy BEAM
NASA’s expansion of BEAM module hits snag
Bigelow executive to lead SSL’s Washington office
ULA and Bigelow announce partnership for launching commercial space stations
SpaceX ready to resume cargo missions to the space station

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