Air Force’s Pathfinder program slowed by legal questions
ViaSat Hopes To Lure Rural Subscribers with Unlimited Bandwidth
Satellite Executives See Silver Lining In DoD Report Citing Bandwidth Costs
Pentagon Report Says Commercial Bandwidth is Four Times More Expensive than WGS

Germany Joins European Military Bandwidth-sharing Program


Germany became the 10th EU nation to join EDA’s program to pool and share purchases of commercial satellite bandwidth for military and government use.

BandwidthEuropeGermanymilitaryMilitary SpaceMissions
Lawmakers Signal Impatience with DoD Bandwidth-buying Reform Effort
Satellite Telecom | New Technologies Pose Challenges for Sat Bandwidth Providers
Bandwidth Crunch Will Force Australian Broadband Project To Ration Capacity
Pentagon Weaning Itself from Controversial Bandwidth Lease with Hong Kong Firm
Intelsat Faces Declining Revenue as Military Bandwidth Buyers Learn To “Live with Less”
Boeing To Sell Commercial Global Xpress Bandwidth to Government Users

Intelsat General to Supply Bandwidth to U.S. Marine Corps


Intelsat General Corp. will provide Ku-band bandwidth for use by the U.S. Marine Corps as a subcontractor to one of its potential competitors under a broader satellite capacity purchasing program.

BandwidthIntelsatMilitary SpaceMissionsU.S.
As Harris Makes Waves in the Cruise Ship Bandwidth Business, Rival MTN Downplays the Damage
Optimism for Better U.S. Military Bandwidth Buying Practices Wanes as Study Drags on

Commentary | A Clear Solution to Military Bandwidth Problem


The concern expressed by the Congress has to do with whether or not it is prudent to lease satellite bandwidth on platforms where the service might be cut off. 

Editorial | Satellite Bandwidth from an Unlikely Source
Astrium To Sell Yahsat Military Bandwidth

Pentagon Lease of Chinese Bandwidth Arouses Concern


The U.S. military is leasing bandwidth aboard a Chinese-owned satellite for communications services in Africa, raising eyebrows in Congress and leading the Pentagon to review its procedures for vetting similar arrangements.

Policy & Politics BandwidthChinaDoD
Pentagon’s Lease of Chinese Bandwidth Arouses Concern
Executives Hopeful for DoD Shift on Bandwidth Leasing

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