ESA studies options for Vega C upper stage engine ahead of first launch
Avio gets pandemic recovery funds to develop launchers for the 2030s
Avio Q&A: Powering the growth trajectory
Vega C to launch Sentinel-1C in 2023
Vega rocket passes readiness review for April return to flight
Investigation confirms improperly connected cables caused Vega launch failure
€167 million Space Rider contract funds construction of Europe’s first orbital spaceplane
Avio CEO promises Vega’s rapid return to flight as CNES plots replacement satellite
Vega C debut slips to mid-2021
Avio seeking to compress Vega launch delays
Avio, exempt from Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, seeks reopening of French Guiana spaceport
ESA setting aside funds for Vega launcher return to flight 
Avio anticipates Vega C upgrade funding at ESA ministerial, Vega return to flight in March
Second stage blamed as Vega targets early 2020 return to flight
Arianespace Vega launch fails, Emirati satellite lost
Avio gets ESA assurance for transition missions from Vega to Vega C
Vega rocket-builder Avio sees revenue jump, new rockets progressing
Vega C debut slips to 2020
Small launch vehicle companies see rideshare as an opportunity and a threat
FIRST UP Satcom | Avio takes 10M euro loan • Iridium launches Certus  • NanoAvionics opens UK office

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