Atlas 5 Rocket Lofts DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 Satellite
Solar Probe Plus, NASA’s ‘Mission to the Fires of Hell,’ Trading Atlas 5 for Bigger Launch Vehicle
Atlas 5 Lofts Classified NRO Payload
U.S. Court Ruling Halts Purchases of Atlas 5 Rocket Engines from Russia
Court Bars ULA from Buying Russian-made Engines for Atlas 5
Atlas 5 Launches Classified Satellite from Cape Canaveral
Atlas 5 Rocket Successfully Launches U.S. Air Force Weather Satellite
News from Satellite 2014 | Lockheed Offers ‘Refund or Reflight’ Guarantee on non-U.S. Government Atlas 5 Launches
Atlas 5 Delivers NASA’s Newest TDRS Satellite to Geo Transfer Orbit
Sierra Nevada Reserves Atlas Rocket for Dream Chaser Test Flight

NRO Satellite, Cubesats Launched by Atlas 5 Rocket


The NRO successfully launched a classified payload and a dozen experimental cubesats aboard an Atlas 5 rocket.

Launch AtlasMilitary SpaceMissionsNROSatellite
Atlas 5 Engine Maker Stays with UTC for Now
Atlas 5 Launches Third AEHF Satellite
New ULA-Lockheed Relationship Helps Atlas 5 Compete for Commercial Launches

Lockheed Lands a Commercial Launch Contract for Atlas 5


The Mexican government’s Morelos 3 satellite, which is part of the three-satellite Mexsat system, will be launched by a Lockheed Martin Atlas 5 rocket, Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services announced Sept. 9.

Commercial Launch AtlasContractsLockheed Martin
Atlas 5 Launches Navy’s MUOS-2 Satellite into Orbit
Atlas Rockets Being Prepped To Reprise Human Spaceflight Role
Profile | Jim Sponnick, Vice President of Atlas and Delta Programs, United Launch Alliance
U.S. Air Force GPS 2F Launched Atop Atlas 5

VIDEO | Atlas 5 GPS 2F Launch


Thuraya Telecommunications reported an 11.5 percent increase in revenue for the first three months of 2013 compared to a year ago and will provide a maritime broadband product by early 2014 to compete directly with rival Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband.

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