SpaceX, astronomers working to address brightness of Starlink satellites
Radio astronomers worried about OneWeb interference
Little legal recourse for astronomers concerned about Starlink
Space Act Agreement to support private space telescope project
China completes world’s largest radio telescope
JAXA abandons efforts to recover Hitomi satellite
Japanese astronomy satellite malfunctions, generates debris
NSF Seeks Partners To Help Run Arecibo Radio Telescope
SpaceGeeks Ep. 4: Rambling Astronomer
Kepler and SOFIA Survive Technical And Fiscal Challenges
NASA Seeks Astronomy Mission Concepts For 2020 Report
Manufacturing Issues Plague James Webb Space Telescope

Telescope Gets Second Life as Part-time Debris Hunter


A large ground-based telescope useful for studying orbital debris as well as traditional astronomical targets has been given a second life under a cooperative agreement involving NASA, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, the University of Hawaii and the University of Arizona.

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QinetiQ Gets Baffle Contract for Euclid Space Telescope
China, France Join Forces on Astronomy Mission

Search for Life Beyond Earth Will Require Giant Telescope


“To find evidence of actual life is going to take another generation of telescopes,” JWST telescope scientist Matt Mountain said.

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