Mission Shakti ASAT test
Mission Shakti ASAT test
Lt. Gen. David Thompson, vice commander of Air Force Space Command, testified March 27, 2019, in front of the Senate Armed Services Committe's strategic forces subcommittee. Credit: SASC
SSL satellite servicing concept
ESA was planning the most ambitious debris removal demonstration: capturing its 8,000-kilogram Envisat environmental-monitoring satellite in 2023 and performing a controlled atmospheric reentry. Now, ESA is exploring synergies between on-orbit servicing and debris removal spacecraft. Credit: ESA
Long March 7 rocket lifting off June 25, 2016. Credit: CMSE
China ASAT test debris
A Russian Proton rocket carrying the mysterious Luch satellite launches Sept. 28, 2014 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Credit: Roscosmos.
Russian "Rokot" launch. Credit: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation