Rocket Lab signs on to U.S. military’s ‘rocket cargo’ program
SpaceX gets $1.9 million Air Force contract for Starlink services in Europe and Africa
Hughes and OneWeb deploy high-speed internet for U.S. military at remote Arctic base
BlueHalo wins $11 million Air Force contract for laser communications terminals
Air Force scientist takes over as director of Space Force rapid procurement agency
Air Force’s rocket propulsion arm looking to invest in technologies for ‘responsive launch’
Viasat to begin integration of long-delayed Link 16 military communications satellite
Air Force space experiment will seek to demonstrate multi-orbit satellite navigation
Industry proposals sought for ‘cislunar highway patrol’ satellite
U.S. Air Force to fund demonstrations of space internet services that integrate multiple constellations
SpaceX wins $102 million Air Force contract to demonstrate technologies for point-to-point space transportation
Space Force taps Air Force Research Lab leader for key acquisition post
AFRL and Northrop Grumman test key hardware for space-based solar power experiment
Three startups win prize money from U.S. Space Force accelerator
Blue Canyon wins $14 million contract for deep-space inspector satellite
New report calls for U.S. strategy to boost space economy
Tyvak wins $8.4 million military contract for experiment in very low Earth orbit
Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory wins $1 billion contract from AFRL
Space startups selected for accelerator program in New Mexico
Startups and universities selected for Space Force prize competition

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