Senate report criticizes Space Force plan to acquire secure, nuclear-survivable satcom 
Northrop Grumman wins $298 million contract to develop jam-resistant military satellite
U.S. Space Command to begin testing the last satellite of the AEHF-MILSTAR constellation
ULA’s Atlas 5 launches AEHF-6 communications satellite in its first mission for U.S. Space Force
Parsons assembling small satellite to fly on Atlas 5 in upcoming AEHF-6 mission
Lockheed Martin receives $3.3B contract for work on Air Force classified communications satellites
Air Force cubesat successfully deployed from Atlas 5 upper stage
ULA Atlas 5 launches Air Force AEHF-5 communications satellite
Upcoming Atlas 5 mission will launch Air Force cubesat before it releases main payload
Cape Canaveral preparing for key military launches
Report: Updating the military’s nuclear communications systems a complex and expensive challenge
Op-ed | A new mission for DARPA’s RSGS robotic spacecraft: satellite bodyguard
Satellites, command-and-control systems taking a bigger bite of nuclear modernization budget
Future military satcom system puts cybersecurity first
Atlas 5 rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral, deploys Air Force satellite

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