Pentagon official: U.S. Space Force reorganization should not slow down acquisitions
Air Force contends Space Force should not have separate acquisition office
Op-ed | Two changes Congress can make to speed space acquisition
Study calls on DoD to buy commercial space technology, change how it acquires space launch services
Watchdog report: Pentagon does not keep close tabs on space programs and workforce
Defense and security contractor Parsons to acquire geospatial intelligence firm OGSystems
Boeing investing in satellite propulsion startup
Pentagon moves to cut procurement red tape in a bid to catch up with technology
Air Force taking steps to speed up space modernization
Slow acquisition can’t be a national security threat, senior space general says
Air Force inviting industry to create GPS ideas, general says
SMC vice commander taking Pentagon space post
Space acquisition needs a clear decision-maker, Air Force chief of staff says
French Satellite-based Tracking Firm CLS Buys Horizon Maritime
Panasonic To Acquire Service Provider ITC Global
Asking Price Remains Obstacle to Thuraya Sale

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