First you see billowy puffs
of white smoke. Next you see the space shuttle rise from the launch pad. Then
you feel the earth rumble under your feet.
Finally, the sky is illuminated
with radiant oranges and reds as the shuttle streamlines toward the heavens.
As your eyes follow its smoky white trail, you see twin solid rocket boosters
parachuting into the Atlantic Ocean. You have just experienced history in the

Guests can experience a live space shuttle launch by ordering Launch
Transportation Tickets from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Launch
Transportation Tickets provide visitors with the opportunity of a lifetime-to
have an unobstructed view of a shuttle launch along a waterfront-viewing site,
just six miles from the launch pads, on otherwise-restricted NASA property.

“Never before has the chance to view a space shuttle launch been so
readily available to the public,” said Rick Abramson, president and COO of
Delaware North Parks Services of Spaceport, Inc. operator of Kennedy Space
Center Visitor Complex for NASA. “Visitors from all over the world are calling
us and logging onto our Web site to take advantage of this exciting

Since Launch Transportation Tickets are generally available six weeks
before each launch, planning vacations to view a launch is easier than ever.
Visitors can order tickets by calling (321) 449-4444 or by logging on to
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Web site at

Guests have two options when purchasing Launch Transportation Tickets. The
first is $34.50 for adults and $22.50 for children ages 3-11, plus tax,
shipping and handling, and includes bus transportation to the viewing site and
admission to the Visitor Complex. Admission includes the KSC Tour with stops
at the Apollo/Saturn V Center and International Space Station Center, as well
as IMAX® space films and many other exhibits. The second ticket option is
$15 for adults or children and includes bus transportation to the
launch-viewing site and admission to select Visitor Complex exhibits.

Currently planned 2001 shuttle launches include STS-98 (orbiter Atlantis);
STS-102 (orbiter Discovery); STS-100 (orbiter Endeavour); STS-104 (orbiter
Atlantis); STS-105 (orbiter Discovery); STS-107 (orbiter Columbia); and
STS-108 (orbiter Endeavour). Because launch dates and times are subject to
change, please call 321/449-4444 or visit
for more detailed information.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is open from 9 a.m. to approximately
dusk every day except December 25 and certain launch days. For more
information, call 321/449-4444 or visit