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According to a newly published government survey, NASA
employees enjoy a greater level of job satisfaction than most
other federal workers. The National Partnership for Reinventing
Government (NPR) Employee Survey showed NASA employees gave the
agency the highest favorable ratings in 14 out of 32 categories.

NASA’s highest favorable ratings were in the areas of
employee job satisfaction, customer orientation and placing
reinvention as a priority. NASA’s employees pointed to several
factors for the high ratings: employee involvement in decisions
that directly affect them; recognition for creativity and
innovation and for doing a good job; working as a team; and
getting quality results.

NASA also finished with the highest favorable ratings on
questions about managers communicating the organization’s
missions, vision, and values; employee participation in cross
functional teams; and supervisors/team leaders understanding and
supporting employees’ family and personal responsibilities.

“I am incredibly proud of these results,” said NASA
Administrator Daniel S. Goldin. “They represent a strong
statement of the top-to-bottom excellence of the NASA team.”

“NASA strives to uphold core values related to people,
excellence and integrity. Our greatest strength is our workforce.
We are committed to demonstrating and promoting excellence and
continually improving processes, products and services to better
satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.”

NASA, the nation’s premier civilian research and development
agency, manages 10 facilities in eight states around the country.
The Agency not only launches Space Shuttles and satellites, but
also conducts basic aeronautical research and is deeply involved
in helping the scientific community better understand our planet
through advanced Earth Science. In addition, NASA works closely
with the educational community to inspire America’s next
generation of scientists and researchers through creative and
innovative learning opportunities.

The 1999 Employee Survey is part of a program administered
by the National Partnership for Reinventing Government and the
Office of Personal Management to study Federal workers and to
gain an understanding of employee perspectives on reinvention and
workplace issues.

You can find additional survey information on the Internet

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