Sun Microsystems, Inc.
today announced it has been selected by TRW to provide supporting hardware for
a command and control system. TRW, a global technology, infrastructure and
service provider of advanced technology and systems, will run the Air Force
Space and Missile Systems Center’s satellite control program.

The Command and Control System-Consolidated (CCS-C), formerly MILSATCOM
Integrated Satellite Control System (MISCS), will track and control both
existing and planned MILSATCOM satellites on orbit. TRW has led the initiative
as the prime contractor by selecting industry technology partners, including
Sun Microsystems, to build the technology solution for the CCS-C.

Sun Microsystems is providing various mid-range enterprise servers and
UltraSPARC(TM) workstations. The Sun Microsystems hardware will perform data
collection, storage and calculation capabilities that are instrumental in
safely tracking, monitoring and positioning satellites controlled by the

“Sun is proud to have been selected to provide the hardware for the Space
and Missile Systems Center’s satellite control program,” said Thomas Kreidler,
Vice President of Sun’s Public Sector Area. “Tracking and controlling
satellites is a highly complex process that requires a rigorous balance
between system performance and high availability. Sun delivers on both of
these requirements.”

TRW has been selected for the Phase I, CCS-C demonstration program.
After a demonstration later this year a single contractor will be chosen for
Phase II, an eight-year program to replace the aging command and control
segment currently supporting satellite operations at Air Force Space Command.


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