Got Something To Say?

Op-eds and Commentaries

If you have a space-related issue to address or a viewpoint to share with our readers, submit a commentary for SpaceNews.

Commentaries should offer an opinion or advance an argument. Preference is given to submissions from authorities with standing, expertise, or a unique experience related to the subject. 

To submit, email it to the SpaceNews editorial team at opinion (at) Include your email, phone number and a brief description of your space industry background. Disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject.

We’ll notify you if chosen for publication, providing an edited version for review if significant changes are needed.

Word Count: Ideally, 1,200 to 2,000 words for the magazine and 500-800 words for the web.

Title/Headline:  Write an engaging, declarative headline arguing the key point. Cryptic or merely descriptive titles are better suited for academic journals.

No footnotes: Again, SpaceNews is a news publication, not an academic journal. Attribute if you must, but keep readability in mind. Hyperlinks are appropriate for web-only op-eds.

Photos, illustrations and other graphics  Every commentary needs art. Submit with copyright info. For print: 300 DPI. For web: at least 72 DPI and 900 pixels wide, landscape orientation prefered to portrait.

Author head shot: For the magazine, we generally publish a thumbnail photo of the author next to their byline. This can be as simple as your LinkedIn photo.

Note that the SpaceNews editorial department does not publish white papers, prospectuses or promotional material in the opinion sections. We do, however, accept such materials for print and web as sponsored content placed through our advertising department.

Letters to the Editor

Readers are encouraged to respond to SpaceNews articles, editorials and commentary pieces in letters to the editor. Letters should be about 400-800 words and may be edited.

To submit, email our editors. Include name, mailing address, and email.

Unsigned letters won’t be published. Authors’ names may be withheld upon request.

Letters may be published or distributed in various forms.