A stunning gallery of NASA pictures, with each image linked to news
releases and other related items, recently was added to a NASA public
affairs web site at:


Most images are provided in preview versions, as well as in higher
resolution files. Almost all of the larger files are suitable for
publication in newspapers and magazines. A help section describes various
levels of quality, rights issues and how to download images through the
Internet to a user’s computer.

“We redesigned how we present images to make the site more efficient to the
news media, general public and students,” said the image gallery’s author,
Anil Jindia, at NASA Ames Research Center, located in the heart of
California’s Silicon Valley. “These images can help readers to better
comprehend our news items.”

“The new image gallery is part of a comprehensive re-design of the Web
site,” said Jonas Diño, the site’s curator. “The Web site has been
simplified to make sure people, including those with physical challenges,
can easily access information.”

General groups of images in the gallery include: ‘Popular Images,’
‘Aerospace,’ ‘Educational & Commercial Technology,’ ‘Information
Technology,’ ‘Earth Sciences,’ ‘NASA/Ames/Moffett Field,’ and
‘Astrobiology.’ Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution,
distribution and future of life in the universe.

More pictures and image subject groups will be added over time. In
addition, the ‘amesnews’ site (at http://amesnews.arc.nasa.gov/) links to
other NASA Ames scientific and technical Web pages, NASA Ames educational
materials and the Ames employee newspaper, the ‘Astrogram.’

The Astrogram newsletter, though intended for employees, often contains
newsworthy information of interest to a wider audience, including the
general public and journalists. On-line issues of the Astrogram, beginning
with the Jan. 1, 2000 newspaper, are in portable document format (PDF).

In addition, the Ames Education Web site includes a section describing the
NASA Ames Educator Resource Center that has lesson plans, educational
publications and audiovisual instructional materials.