Stennis Space Center has successfully completed the second test in a
three-part series for a Space Launch Initiative (SLI) test program of the
Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) technology used on the former X-33
program’s Linear Aerospike XRS-2200 flight engine set. The July 23 test
achieved 80 percent power-level and went the full scheduled duration of 25

The test series is a unique opportunity for NASA to effectively gain
valuable experience and data from existing commercial technology.

EMAs electronically regulate the amount of propellant (fuel and oxidizer)
flow in the engine. The technology is a potential alternative and
improvement to the older hydraulic-fluid systems currently used by the
aerospace industry to drive and control critical rocket engine valves.

All test objectives appear to have been met, pending final data
review. Post-test inspections are in-work.

The third and final test in this series is planned to occur in about
two weeks.

The Space Launch Initiative is managed for NASA by the Marshall
Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. It is a research and technology
development effort designed to substantially improve safety and
reliability, and reduce the high cost of space travel.

Additional information on NASA’s Space Launch Initiative is
available on the Internet at: