Advanced Learning Environment Will Support Growth of Space-Related
Programs in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FL, April 10, 2001 — A contract signing at
Kennedy Space Center launches a new initiative to promote growth of
space-related commercial and government programs in Florida.

Steel Beach Productions, Inc., Florida Space Research Institute
(FSRI), NASA, Brevard Community College (BCC), and Workforce Florida Inc.
will collaborate on the development and implementation of a pilot
aerospace Advanced Learning Environment (ALE) workforce education
program. The ALE pilot project will include a series of advanced,
computer and web-based, interactive learning modules designed by Steel
Beach, based on curriculum developed by BCC, recognized by Forbes
Magazine as one of the top twenty “Cyber U’s” in the nation. The program
is for use by academia, industry and government to support the education
and training needs of both commercial and government space programs.

The first development phase will support the integration of a
space industry sanctioned aerospace technician certification program into
the next generation learning environment. Future phases will consist of
individual training and incorporation of new technologies, including
next-generation “virtual reality” systems to allow students, faculty and
subject matter experts to interact seamlessly in a collaborative,
distributed learning environment.

Steel Beach CEO and Chairman, Robert L. Kenny, has been working
closely with former astronaut Sam Durrance, Executive Director of FSRI,
and FSRI board members for months to bring the project to fruition. The
project has strong support from former Florida Senator George
Kirkpatrick, who was instrumental in getting the project off the ground.
Says Kenny, “We thrive working on projects with technical challenges.
Especially the FSRI project as it is of national importance to the
aerospace industry.”

Promoting the growth of space-related research and technology
development has become an important goal for the state of Florida. FSRI
was established by Governor Bush and the Florida Legislature to identify
industry, NASA and Air Force research requirements and training.

The Aerospace Division of Steel Beach is a recognized leader in
the development of aerospace industry multimedia training and reference
products. Steel Beach has produced Aviation Maintenance Courseware for
the E-2 Hawkeye, C-2 Greyhound, and the S-3 Viking for the United States
Navy and reference/training programs like the Combat Visual
Identification System which is used by all branches of the U.S. military.
Steel Beach recently introduced an innovative and dynamic comparison of
the world’s combat aircraft using interactive 3-D graphics, photos, and
audio. 1V1TM is designed for the aviation enthusiast market and is
currently available in military base exchanges, museums, other aviation
outlets or by logging on to the Steel Beach website at

Steel Beach Productions, Inc. is a leading developer of
multimedia training products and services. Using 3-D computer animation,
high impact graphics, and other cool “WOW” effects, Steel Beach delivers
world-class e-learning products. With studios headquartered in
Jacksonville, FL since 1997, Steel Beach brings a creative approach to
the training and education industry unmatched by others. For more
information on Steel Beach, contact Jamie Valet at 904-296-2743.