The following is a statement by Acting Johnson Space Center Director Roy
S. Estess regarding today’s announcement by NASA Administrator Daniel S.
Goldin that he will depart NASA after almost 10 years as Administrator.

“During his tenure as NASA Administrator, Dan Goldin challenged this
agency and its employees to work creatively, intelligently and safely in
expanding a human presence in space. We have continued to safely fly the
Space Shuttle, the most complex and imaginative vehicle ever to carry
humans into space. We have entered an era of unprecedented human
cooperation in space with the International Space Station, and we have
maintained our commitment to the safety of all the people living and
working in space. On a personal note, I have been a Center Director
during his entire tenure at NASA and I very much appreciate his
commitment to the country, to NASA, and his support and help to me. Dan
Goldin’s dedication to this country and its space program are well
known. We will continue his commitment, flying humans safely in space
and expanding our knowledge of the universe.”