The California
Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency — working in collaboration with
the California Space Authority — announced the release of the
California space grant competition solicitation.

The $2 million annual competition includes funds from both the
Highway to Space and Space Flight competitive grant programs. The
state’s goal in offering these funds is to increase California’s
competitiveness in the domestic and international space industry. The
space grant program works by leveraging state monies with private and
federal resources for projects related to space infrastructure,
services, technology development, and education and workforce

Who can Apply?

California-based entities conducting activities intended to enhance
or promote California’s space industry are eligible for these funds.

Where to Apply?

Grant Facilitator:

American Technology Alliances

497 Seaport Ct., Suite 102A

Redwood City, CA 94063



Letter of Intent: Preferred by Feb. 16, 2001, but not mandatory

Proposals: Tuesday, March 6 @ 5 p.m. PST

The California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency (CTTCA)
serves as the State’s lead agency for business development, corporate
attraction and job creation. The Agency works closely with the
California Space Authority — newly formed from the merger of the
Western Center for Commercial Space (WCSC) and the California
Spaceport Authority (CSTA) — to promote the growth and well-being of
the space industry in California.

Contact: California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency

Norman D. Williams, 916/322-6433

Mike Marando, 916/323-9880