The Spaceport Florida
Authority (SFA) has approved a lease agreement that will allow United
Space Alliance (USA) to use a state-developed hangar at the Cape
Canaveral Spaceport to support Space Shuttle processing operations by USA
and NASA personnel. The newly completed 50,000 square-foot hangar was
developed as part of a joint NASA/SFA Reusable Launch Vehicle Support
Complex, designed to accommodate the Space Shuttle and other proposed
reusable launch systems like NASA’s X-34 winged rocket.

“This is another example of how Florida has partnered with industry and
NASA to support our nation’s space programs and protect our state’s high
technology jobs,” said Florida Lt. Governor Frank Brogan.

“We are fortunate that the Governor and state legislative leaders like
Speaker Tom Feeney are committed to maintaining the Cape Canaveral
Spaceport as the global leader in space transportation,” said Ed Gormel,
SFA’s executive director.

SFA initiated discussions with USA last year after reusable launch
vehicle programs like X-34 confronted significant technical and schedule
challenges, and while the Space Shuttle’s aggressive launch schedule
generated a need for additional facility resources. The lease resulted
from a five-month effort with USA to reserve the hangar for Space Shuttle

“USA is very pleased that this agreement has worked out,” said USA Vice
President and Deputy Program Manager Bill Pickavance. “It benefits all
of us involved in Space Shuttle programs as well as the Spaceport
Authority and all Floridians who are so supportive of the Shuttle

Under the lease agreement, USA will assume responsibility for rent,
hangar operations and maintenance costs. The two-year lease includes
provisions for renewal and will not prohibit the use of the hangar for
future reusable launch systems.

Located adjacent to the Space Shuttle landing strip, the $11.5 million
Reusable Launch Vehicle Support Complex includes the $4 million hangar
and two NASA-funded facilities, one of which is still under construction.

The Spaceport Authority was established by Florida’s governor and
legislature to support the retention, expansion and diversification of
the state’ space-related industry. Empowered as a transportation
authority, the Spaceport Authority financed, owns or operates several
launch support facilities at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport and elsewhere
in the state.

Edward Ellegood

Spaceport Florida Authority

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Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920-4003

321-730-5301, ext. 1105 (phone); 321-730-5307 (fax)