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Thursday, Sept. 6

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‘Starship’ to land in Missouri; NASA exhibit to visit 5 cities to spotlight
Missouri’s future in the U.S. space program

“Starship 2040” is a walk-through exhibit that lets visitors imagine what a
space cruiseliner might be like 40 years from now.
“Starship 2040” will be open free to the public for visitors to “experience”
the technologies and challenges faced in developing safe, routine, reliable
space travel.
U.S. Sen. Kit Bond is hosting the NASA exhibit tour to excite the public,
especially children, about careers in math and science and the future of
commercial space travel.
Visitors will also learn more about Missouri’s role in America’s space
“Starship 2040” will visit Cape Girardeau Sept. 11-14, St. Louis Sept.
15-18, Columbia Sept. 19 -21, Kansas City Sept. 22-25, and Springfield Sept.
Get a sneak preview and talk with an expert about the “Starship 2040”


Les Johnson

Advanced Space Transportation Program

Marshall Space Flight Center

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GE-2, Transponder 9C,

85 degrees west longitude,

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