The head of the Space Transportation Association will call for a major refocusing of the U.S. civil space program in testimony planned next week before the U.S. Aerospace Commission.

Tidal W. McCoy, STA Chairman, will also call upon the Bush administration to set a major new U.S. human spaceflight objective, one tied to the future of the International Space Station. “I know itÕs not Ôpolitically correct Ô to say this, but the space station really needs a destination,” says McCoy.

McCoy will speak Tuesday morning before the Congressionally-mandated panel, headed by former House Science Committee chair Robert Walker.

At the same time, STA will be marking its 11th anniversary by rededicating itself to its founding mission of seeking lower cost access to space. “The future of the space program and indeed of our ability to do anything in space is dependent upon cheaper, safer, and more flexible launch capability for both people and cargoes,” said STA president Frank Sietzen. “And for that to occur, America needs a fully reusable, commercially viable RLV,” he added.

STAÕs current activities include working in the House of Representatives to gain additional funding for NASA space shuttle upgrades, infrastructure repair, and space science programs.

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