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–“An Evening in Europe” sponsored by Space
Agencies of Europe and hosted by the Embassy of
Italy in Washington, DC

Washington, DC (September 13, 2000) – The Space
Foundation announced today that several space
agencies of Europe will sponsor “An Evening in
Europe” reception, hosted by the Embassy of
Italy during the International Space Symposium.
The reception will be held at the Embassy in
Washington, DC on the evening of Wednesday,
October 25, 2000.

Sponsoring agencies include ASI (the Italian
Space Agency), BNSC (the British National Space
Center), CNES (the French Space Agency), DLR
(the German Aerospace Center) and ESA (the
European Space Agency).

The reception will follow the “The Space
Agencies” Session which includes presentations
by Prof. Sergio De Julio, President, Italian
Space Agency; Dr. Colin Hicks, Director General,
BNSC; Alain Bensoussan, President, CNES & ESA
Council; and Dr. Achim Bachem, Executive Board
Member for Space, DLR. Antonio Rodota,
Director General, ESA will deliver the keynote
address on the morning of September 26.

The Symposium, which focuses on business aspects
of the $100 billion (US) global space industry,
takes place October 24-26, 2000 at the Reagan
International Trade Center in Washington, DC.
For a comprehensive Symposium speaker list,
agenda and secure on-line registration visit, or call (toll free US
and Canada) 1-800-691-4000, or 719-576-8000.

(Note: The Symposium is not affiliated or
otherwise associated with Space News).