Contact: Michael Slage
Phone: (703) 415-0180

The Society for International Space Cooperation, an international non-profit organization dedicated
to promoting space exploration, international cooperation, and
education is proud to announce the debut of SpaceTV! SpaceTV! is a
bi-weekly Internet streamed magazine program. SpaceTV! is the
Internet’s only regularly produced TV series of its type about space.
SpaceTV! is recorded and edited in digital video and then broadcast
via the Internet in cooperation with the Society’s strategic partner
Apple Computers using their Quicktime 4 streaming

In the tradition of
"Walt Disney Presents," the Society’s President and
SpaceTV! host Michael Slage guides viewers through each
segment.  The segments include interviews with notables like
Producer James Cameron, who is also a member of the Society’s
board, reviews of space sites on the Internet, in-depth looks at the
latest news and upcoming events in the Space world.  One
segment, called "Behind the scenes," looks at places like
the Kennedy Space Center.  Another includes demonstrations of
space science concepts for use by teachers in their classrooms like
"How to build a model of the nucleus of a comet out of common
kitchen items."   The first three episodes of SpaceTV!
will focus on the International Space Station.  The Premiere
will coincide with the launch of the Space Shuttle to the station.
Technology Focus segments provides an in-depth look at new
technologies being tested and used in the space program, like
nanotechnology, that may one day be used in everyday life.  The
show will also feature many other unique and interactive segments
designed for the space novice or the space professional.

According to Slage, "The exploration of space is the next great
revolution in the history of mankind. The role of SpaceTV! is to try
and demonstrate how global forces, public opinion, and technology
interact.  It will show where the future of space exploration
lies." SpaceTV! isn’t just for "space-cadets." The
show is aimed at a broad audience with an interest in space, science,
international cultures, and new technology. SpaceTV! emphasizes
interactive reporting and analysis. The show will explain reasons and
importance of developments in space exploration and focus on what
will happen next.

"Space TV! is attempting to combine the strengths of both
television and the Internet," said Slage.  "Although
live webcams and the broadcasting of events over the Internet have
been around for several years, virtually nobody has attempted to
produce a science television show designed solely for Internet
broadcast.  SpaceTV! will combine video and the ease of Internet
access to enable the public to learn more about space exploration,
cooperation, and technology," he said.

SpaceTV! is produced by The
Society for International Space Cooperation, an International
educational non-profit organization which holds regular events in
over 22 countries worldwide. The Society was formed to address the need for an
organization whose sole purpose is to foster cooperation, education,
and exchange among the countries of the world in the areas related to
scientific advancement and the international exploration of
space.  The Society is dedicated to the idea that if there is to
be future exploration of space we must prepare the next generation
through a strong program of international space related education
which will lead to cultural as well as scientific understanding among
all the nations of the world.

SpaceTV! will debut on The
Society’s website May 18, 2000 at SpaceTV! will also be available
through Apple Computers’ Apple Learning Interchange at Macintosh and Windows users can view
SpaceTV! via Apple’s state-of-the-art QuickTime 4 Player, which
provides one-click access to users’ favorite QTTV channels from
anywhere on the Internet. The QuickTime Player is available as a free
download from

Opportunities still exist for
advertisers, co-sponsors and donors interested in supporting the
production of SpaceTV! For more information about becoming a sponsor
or any other questions,  please contact