The Spaceport Florida Authority has
selected Lockheed Martin Technical Operations to provide operations,
maintenance, technology and marketing support for Launch Complex 46 and
Launch Complex 20 at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. Under a one-year
contract with annual options for renewal, Lockheed Martin will provide
technical and programmatic support for the development and launch of both
suborbital and orbital launch systems at the state-managed multi-user
launch facilities.

“Lockheed Martin has the depth of knowledge and understanding necessary
to support our agencyís vision for expanding operations at Launch
Complexes 46 and 20,” said SFA program manager Rich Scredon. “We are
excited about the potential for long-term growth at these unique
facilities, and believe that Lockheed Martin can help to fuel this

Launch Complex 46 is a U.S. Navy facility that was converted by the
Spaceport Authority in 1997 to support multiple orbital launch systems,
including Lockheed Martinís own Athena family of rockets and Orbital
Sciences Corp.ís Taurus rockets. Complex 46 is also configured to
support the Navyís Trident II ballistic missiles. Launch Complex 20 was
an unused Air Force launch facility that is currently being modified and
reactivated by the Spaceport Authority to accommodate multiple suborbital
launch systems such as the LiteStar, Terrier, Orion, and ASAS rockets;
and orbital vehicles like the Orbital Sciences Corp. Minotaur and other
Minuteman-based rockets, Coleman Aerospaceís LeoLink family of rockets,
the Athena-1, Taurus, and other small orbital launch vehicles. Complex
20 will also serve as a testbed for spaceport, range and launch vehicle
technologies, and as a support facility for academic and scientific

Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will conduct suborbital launches
using the Spaceport Authorityís LiteStar, Terrier, and Orion rockets, and
will conduct two test launches for the Authorityís ASAS suborbital
upper-stage development program. In addition to providing direct support
to the Spaceport Authority, Lockheed Martinís services will also be
available on a task-order basis under the contract to the companies and
organizations that will use Launch Complexes 46 and 20 for their
commercial and government launch missions.

The Spaceport Authority was established by Floridaís governor and
legislature to support the retention, expansion and diversification of
the stateís space-related industry. Empowered as a transportation
authority, the Spaceport Authority financed, owns or operates several
launch support facilities at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport and elsewhere
in the state, including three launch complexes, a hangar for reusable
launch vehicles, a launch control center, a launch vehicle integration
facility, a rocket motor storage facility, and other multi-user
infrastructure. The Spaceport Authority also works closely with
Floridaís universities and community colleges to support statewide
space-related research, technology and education programs.

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