SpaceNews turns 30

Alan Ladwig, former NASA associate administrator and charter SpaceNews subscriber, still has all four preview issues. Credit: @SpaceArtAl/Twitter

On Sept. 18, 1989, SpaceNews published the first of four monthly preview issues to test the waters for a trade publication focused exclusively on space.

Thirty years later, we’re still here covering the business and politics of a greatly expanded global space community.

We wouldn’t have lasted three decades without astute readers, supportive advertisers and hard-working journalists.

Our current core team of reporters — Jeff Foust, Debra Werner, Sandra Erwin, Caleb Henry and Andrew Jones — are some of the best we’ve ever had.

Starting with founding editor Theresa Foley, SpaceNews made a name for itself thanks to a long list of distinguished alumni, including Lon Rains, Warren Ferster, Peter de Selding, Andrew Lawler, Dan Marcus, Vince Kiernan Patrick Seitz, Doug Isbell, Ben Iannotta, Anne Eisele, Sam Silverstein, Paula Trimble, Jeremy Singer, Jason Bates, Colin Clark, Amy Svitak, Stu Magnuson, Turner Brinton, Mike Gruss, Dan Leone and more.

We’ve also benefited from the talents of whip-smart contributors who have written for our opinion section and provided great put-it-into-perspective quotes on deadline. Hall of famers include John Logsdon, Lou Friedman, Marcia Smith, Howard McCurdy, Joan-Johnson Freese, Mike Griffin, Lori Garver, Alan Ladwig, Jim Muncy, Jack Burns, Robert Zubrin, Brian Weeden, Dean Cheng, Peter Marquez, Todd Harrison, Henry Sokolski, Armand Musey, Rick Tumlinson, Donald F. Robertson, O. Glenn Smith, Mark Whittington, and countless others.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has extended birthday wishes.

It’s been an honor.