Leader in Small-Satellite Arena Continues Push Into Affordable and
Capable Space Systems

POWAY, Calif. — Feb. 22, 2000–SpaceDev Inc. (OTCBB:SPDV),
the world’s first commercial space exploration and development
company, today announced that Stan Dubyn, one of the world’s
most accomplished leaders in the space industry’s small-satellite
sector, has been appointed chief operating officer and president.

Dubyn, previously COO and senior vice president at Spectrum
Astro Inc. (Gilbert, Ariz.) will provide executive leadership in
acquisitions, business development and operational functions for

Commenting on Dubyn’s appointment, SpaceDev Chairman and
CEO Jim Benson said: “I believe space commercialization is
poised for a wave of hyper-growth, and Stan will help ensure
SpaceDev’s premier position in providing small, commercial,
turnkey mission solutions throughout the solar system. Stan’s
excellent reputation for serving the needs of space customers,
especially in Earth-orbiting an deep-space missions, will be a great
asset to our team of remarkably talented professionals.”

As one of the principals of the privately held Spectrum Astro,
Dubyn was instrumental in helping build the company into a
leading supplier of satellites and subsystems to the government.
Under Stan’s leadership, Spectrum won system and subsystem
contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA on such
missions as MSTI-1, -2 and -3, New Millennium Deep Space 1,
HESSI and Swift. Additionally, he led the proposal and
development teams for both Rapid-I and Rapid-II spacecraft catalog
activities, procured by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“I believe SpaceDev’s goal of providing small, more affordable yet
profitable mission solutions and expanding the entire commercial
space enterprise will result in a rapid-growth, high-tech business
unlike that of the traditional low P/E ratio aerospace and defense
contractors. I look forward to the fun, challenges and excitement of
working with the phenomenal team of people that Jim has
assembled at SpaceDev and ISS. The millennium is upon us, and
the future is limitless!” said Dubyn.

Dubyn began his space career in 1978, after earning his bachelor
of science in aerospace engineering from USC. While at Hughes
(NYSE:GMH – news), he was awarded a Hughes Masters
Fellowship, and returned to USC for his master of science in
aerospace engineering, awarded in 1981.

At Hughes, he held positions as mechanical design engineer,
systems engineer, mission analyst and operations technical
advisor on GOES, GMS, LEASAT, HS-318 and HS-350. At TRW
(NYSE:TRW – news), where he served for nine years, Dubyn held
several system engineering and program management positions on
DSP, BSTS and a wide variety of classified space programs.

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev offers low-cost commercial mission and spacecraft
designs for lunar orbiters, Mars orbiters and probe carriers, and
asteroid rendezvous and landers for sale as turnkey commercial
products, a first for the industry. Also a first, SpaceDev offers fixed-
price package delivery for science instruments and technology
demonstrations into Earth orbit, deep space and to other planetary

SpaceDev designs and sells small, low-cost Earth-orbiting
commercial or research satellites. For the Air Force, the company
has recently designed inexpensive orbital transfer vehicles (e.g.
satellite inspectors), and secondary payload micro-kick motors.
SpaceDev has acquired hybrid sounding rocket, motor and launch
vehicle designs, and intellectual property rights produced by the
former American Rocket Co. (AMROC).

Established in 1997, SpaceDev (www.spacedev.com) is the world’s
first commercial space exploration and development company.
SpaceDev’s corporate offices, its wholly owned subsidiary
Integrated Space Systems (ISS, www.spaceinc.com) and the firm’s
Space Missions Division are located near San Diego in Poway.

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